[Tweeters] Golden Eagle on Skagit Bay CBC

Brien Meilleur brienm at live.com
Tue Jan 2 18:06:08 PST 2018

Hello Tweets,

My son Alex and I observed a Golden Eagle during the Skagit Bay CBC yesterday. It was located around 3 pm at the top of a conifer towards the south end of Bradshaw Road to the east and downhill from the Rexville Grocery store. I'm afraid that the two photos Alex took with his Iphone through my spotting scope were rejected by the "list moderator," so since I don't know how to "put graphics on the web" as was suggested to me, if anyone would like to see the photos I'd be happy to send them to you via your personal email. After consulting our literature, we concluded that it was a second winter bird ...

Brien Meilleur

Lake Forest Park, WA

brienm at live.com

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