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Mon Jan 1 17:13:09 PST 2018

Hi, Tweets,

The Seattle Rose-breasted Grosbeak continued today off 55th. A birder from Portland was there from dawn, but the bird didn't show until around 10:15 a. m. Thanks to our bird feeding host.

Following tips from recent days and this morning (thanks), I then saw a dozen Common Redpolls with goldfinches in birches at the West Ewing Mini Park on the south side of the ship canal at 3rd near S. P. U. They disappeared, however, when an adult Cooper's Hawk took a perch nearby.

Montlake Fill has Trumpeter Swans and a lot of coots and attendant ducks, including a few Canvasbacks.

Happy new year (Jan. 1, 2017),

Alan Grenon

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