[Tweeters] Wahkiakum Co. Lesser Goldfinch, and a goal met at the end of the year

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Sat Dec 29 19:01:47 PST 2018

YAY - Congratulations Matt! I only wish that I could have seen your "happy dance" for becoming the second person in state history to make that mark. And Wahkiakum was my last county for X200 - it's a wonderful county but a challenge to bird. Such an achievement is not possible without the support, reporting and encouragement of so many birders all over the state and I had that in spades. And you've got to be pretty danged committed to keep the faith - I always swore I'd switch to stamp collecting when the going got tough and boring; yes, it can be boring birding when you have so few ticks to find... The gauntlet is thrown down, who will be next? There are so many young and talented birders these days. What a way to end 2018. Cheers and bravo, Tom Mansfield.

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Hi again -
Prior to the fun in Pacific Co., I was in Wahkiakum Co. The county first Lesser Goldfinch reported yesterday by Dalton Spencer was my goal. With a little looking and playback, it popped right up, just east of the intersection of Welcome Slough and Schoolhouse Rd.

That bird was a big ‘tick’ for me — it was #200 for Wahkiakum Co., and my last county to reach the 200 mark.

Ever since Tom Mansfield became the first person to reach the 200x39 mark in 2014, I’ve been plugging away, hoping to eventually reach the same mark. It took a long time, but I finally got there. It took 26 visits to Wahkiakum this year to get the last one over the hump.

Thanks to all the Tweeters & eBirders who have kept their eyes open and reports public around the state - especially in the toughest corners - the Dennys in the SE, Terry Little & Jon Isacoff & Donna Bragg in the NE, Russ Koppendrayer, Randy Hill, Bob Flores & Jim Danzenbaker down in the SW, and Ken & Laurie Knittle as well as Tom, everywhere.

Onwards to the next birds!

Matt Bartels
Seattle, WA

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