[Tweeters] Stanwood Vermilion Flycatcher, etc.

Byers byers345 at comcast.net
Tue Dec 25 16:47:40 PST 2018

Hello Tweeters,

I overcame my fear of being peppered with buckshot and went
north to Stanwood with my husband to try to see the Vermilion Flycatcher
that has been there for weeks. On our second pass by the Sewage Treatment
Plant and 98th Street, there were other birders there who helped us find the
flycatcher. We also saw the Black Phoebe that has been in the same area.
At one point the two birds were sitting on the cyclone fence near the STO
about 8 inches from one another. We did get some photos and even a video of
the flycatcher eating a giant grub. The photos are on the Ebird list that
you can access below.


Merry Christmas, Charlotte Byers, Edmonds

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