[Tweeters] Blue morph snow geese

Martha Jordan mj.cygnus at gmail.com
Mon Dec 24 14:48:19 PST 2018

I am finally getting to read December's tweeters posts.

There is one on Dec 1 states that "They seem to be getting more common on
the Pacific Coast, at least in WA. If that is the case, and numbers aren't
also showing up in CA, then the Blues are coming only off of Wrangell

The real facts are that there has been a substantial behavior shift in snow
geese in this area. Not all of them are Wrangel Island snows. There is a
mix as some of winter snow geese migrate north through Alberta and mix with
the mid-continent population.
Another issue is that there are now snow geese observed in all areas of
Washington, and this year we are seeing them in higher numbers or new to
area than ever before. They are not all Wrangel Island origin.
There are some theories on this, and speculation and some scratching
of heads. The waterfowl managers are certainly working hard to understand
what is happening and why.
Seeing more blue morph is likely because they are coming from the
mid-continent population, mixing with Wrangel Island and then moving to the
breeding grounds on Wrangel Island. And also migration from other
"populations" of the snows.
Hope this helps a little. It is a complex issue to be sure.

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