[Tweeters] Juanita Bay Park (King Cty.) Saturday

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Sun Dec 23 22:44:27 PST 2018

Hi, Tweets,

I spent the morning yesterday at Juanita Bay Park. No Soras for me, and there seems an explanation why rails behaved differently this autumn, though perhaps a more regular visitor can give me a more complete story. There is a lot of new sediment along the shore near the boardwalks in the southern part of the park, as if some development or construction sent a lot down that stream since last year. It looks like fairly solid mud, but the Green-winged Teal more swim than walk through it as they forage. It doesn't hold footprints, and a rail probably couldn't walk on it. (It doesn't smell pleasant, either.)

I did see a half dozen Wilson's Snipe, including a couple cooperatively near the causeway, 13 Trumpeter Swans calling as they arrived, many Wood Ducks (perhaps second in number to Green-winged Teal), and fleeting glimpses of a Swamp Sparrow calling from the grassy willows east of the causeway (fairly far north). When a small group of crows mobbed an adult Cooper's Hawk, I was surprised to see a Red-tailed Hawk also make a dive for the Cooper's, which then did decide to move.

of 22 December, 2018,

Alan Grenon

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