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Subject: Orting, Calistoga Road, 188th corner,
To start off I have to say I hate auto spellcheck, but I’ve double checked
this one...doesn’t help when I use my phone and my fingers don’t hit the
correct letters!
I hit this area yesterday looking for some new swan areas for Martha.
In this field 44 Trumpeters, 11 of these are Cygnets. One pair has four of
them. These are much shyer than Maris Farms swans.
The bonus was 130 or many more Cackling Geese. I couldn’t get a true and
accurate count, as these little ones blend in so easily with the soil.
There are probably a great deal more. I’ve actually developed quite a
fondness for these guys over the past few years. This year, I’ve been
missing them at Kelly Farm on the Sumner Buckley Highway. There are always
a few mixed with most flocks that have the regular Canada’s, or scattered
in murky ponds with other dabblers.
Since we were given box seats, (it’s a suite actually) to the SeaHawk
vs KC Chiefs, the Swans and other guys get the day off, I’m torn because
my father was always a huge Chiefs fan coming from Kansas, but now that
he’s passed away, maybe I won’t feel so guilty hoping the Seahawks cream
He always knew I was playing the fence, but when his Alzheimer’s was
causing his deterioration so quickly, he forgot SeaHawks existed.
Guess I’m reminiscing during this holiday...

My favorite bird of the day, just guess!!!

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