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Vicki King vkbirder at gmail.com
Sun Dec 23 10:14:26 PST 2018

First, I need to acknowledge that Charlotte Byers is, unwittingly,
responsible for this post. We have so enjoyed looking at the many
beautiful photos of birds she has posted on Flickr from trips to wonderful
destinations that she and her husband have taken. I hope she won’t mind
our borrowing her example to share what we saw on a recent 21-day birding
trip to Colombia.

We spent the first two weeks birding on the Pacific side of the country, in
Colombia’s famously-wet Choco area, the western Andes and the central
Andes. We then flew north for the final six days of the tour where we
spent three days at the El Dorado Lodge in the Santa Marta Mountains before
moving to other destinations on or near the Caribbean coast. A map of our
trip, with destinations highlighted in yellow, is available at

Jim enjoys the challenge of photographing the birds we see and he has
posted photos of many of the species we saw – in the order taken -- in an
album at https://www.flickr.com/photos/jimkingjames/albums/72157704917048534.
names of the birds are included with each photo and are visible in normal
view. Unfortunately, the names are not visible in full-screen mode.

While looking for birds, we were also captivated by the landscapes,
flowers, wildlife and other sights we saw; a sample of those photos is
included in a separate album.

Happy birding!

Vicki King

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