[Tweeters] 5-Mile Radius Birding and 2019 Challenge

Hank H h.heiberg at yahoo.com
Sat Dec 22 18:11:49 PST 2018

> I forwarded the 5-mile radius birding post to a birder friend in CA. I enjoyed his reply (below) as a way of visualizing the amount of birding potential within a 5 mile radius. I removed the actual calculations from his email.

>>>> This is actually sort of neat. I'm going to mark off a 5 mile radius around our house to see what it looks like. Certainly a lot of birding potential.


>>>> Using an American football field including end zones as a tool for visualizing the amount of area that lies within a circle with radius equal to 5 miles I calculated that 38,013.24 football fields would fit within such an area. If I birded 365 days in a year, I'd have to bird a little over 104 football fields a day to bird the complete area within a year. Over 8 hours, that's about 13 football fields per hour or 4 minutes 37 seconds per field. More of a challenge than you might think. There wouldn't be much time to linger over good birds.


>>>> Hank Heiberg

>>>> Issaquah, WA

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