[Tweeters] 5-Mile Radius Birding and 2019 Challenge

Jen Sanford jjsanford at gmail.com
Fri Dec 21 07:52:50 PST 2018

Hi all,

I've been keeping a 5-mile radius (5MR) bird list for just over two years
now, starting at my former residence in Portland, and now the last year in
Vancouver, WA. My goal was to spend more time birding close to home while
also exploring unknown-to-me areas and finding new places to bird. It's
been fun! I've even convinced some others to give it a shot and they seem
to like it also. If you're interested and want to start a list like this I
made a little FAQ on my blog here:

We also have a Facebook group for those interested in keeping a 5-mile
radius bird list: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2244306435817279/

For 2019 some of us are taking part in a little challenge to see the most
species in our respective 5MR's. Since it's far from an even playing field
out there we will also compare percentages: how many species we've seen
divided by species reported in our county (per eBird). There will be a few
monthly challenges thrown in for fun. If this sounds like something you're
interested in, shoot me an email with your county/state and I'll add you to
the challenge. I'll send out an email at the end of each month to ask your
total, then share with the rest of the group (unless you don't want me to,
of course). So far we have birders from 6 states and 3 countries (USA,
Canada, Australia) signed up!

Here's some info on the 2019 challenge:

Cheers to local birding in 2019!

Jen Sanford
Vancouver, WA
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