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Steve Pink joined me in Edmonds at 4:30 a.m. and then we picked up two B.C. Birders in Abbotsford at 6:15 and made the very long journey to Salmon Arm B.C. arriving around 11:45 a.m. We went the long route - exclusively Highway 1 since conditions on the Coquihalla Highway (Canada 5) were treacherous.  This added probably 90 minutes.  When we arrived at the stakeout site on Krick Road, another border was there and he had just seen the Fieldfare.  But it had flown off.  He left and we searched diligently for 20 minutes+ and found a single Robin and some starlings - very quiet.  Then we spotted a small group of Robins and our Fieldfare quarry high in a tree behind one of the houses.  It then flew to its favorite feeding area - at the corner of Krick and Kernaghan Roads and fed on berries the Robins.  It was often very difficult to see buried in the foliage but over the next 30 minutes+ we had some clear views and got some excellent photos.  
Unlike from some other reports, we had no Waxwings.  There seem to be a number of berries remaining and there seems a good chance the bird will remain for a while.
We drove home over the Coquihalla which was clear until approximately 30 miles from the end - snowing, slush and slippery.  Much more snow is expected tonight.  Anyone going should check up to minute conditions and probably avoid the Coquihalla.  All told the round trip from Edmonds was over 750 miles.  But it was a great bird...
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