[Tweeters] Whatcom County Barn Swallow and Harlan's Hawk

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Sun Dec 16 19:45:56 PST 2018

Today on the Bellingham CBC my crew saw a Barn Swallow on the edge of the
Lummi Flats. Our area racked up 60 species for the day and we were happy to
not be blasted off the dike by wind and rain this year. We saw a flock of
100 Black Scoters which is one of the largest concentrations of that species
that I've seen. We didn't see much that was unusual other than the swallow,
just had a good steady day of adding up the species and their numbers.

Outside of our territory, I showed others some of the good Lummi Flats areas
on the way back to their vehicles. A really nice bird we saw on Red River
Road was a Harlan's Hawk sitting on a branch on the edge of the slough. I
later talked to the birders covering that area and they also saw that
particular hawk and one other as well as Short-eared Owls. I later saw a
nice Rough-legged Hawk and a Northern Shrike as well. This was my first
Whatcom County Harlan's Hawk and I was able to take some photos so I was
pretty pleased with that quick little side jaunt.


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