[Tweeters] Magnuson Park, 14 December 2018

Scott Ramos lsr at ramoslink.info
Fri Dec 14 21:21:08 PST 2018

Fortunately, the forecast winds did not arrive until late in the day, so the morning was actually pleasant for this time of year, 40 F to start, overcast and just slight breezes. The ponds are now mostly full but the ducks seem to be avoiding them, opting instead for the lake. On the other hand, the resident beaver(s) have been very active recently, cutting down some fairly large trees, then cutting them into smaller pieces for transport to their lodge. We’re into winter birds, for the most part, although the scaup have yet to return. Birds of note:

Cackling Goose - cacklers are only infrequent visitors to Magnuson but a couple have joined the resident flock of Canadas for the last couple of weeks, one of each of the expected sub-species:
Minima - https://goo.gl/9bEkJa
Taverner’s - https://goo.gl/eYp6Am
Eurasian Wigeon - one calling before dawn in the large AMWI flock; surprisingly, first of year for me
Red-breasted Merganser - 3 birds; another species uncommon at the park
Grebes - a dozen Pied-billed, NO Horned, a single Red-necked and about 400 Western, these were out in the middle of the lake in one long flock
Wilson’s Snipe - several, calling early from the meadows
Herring Gull - one on the swim platform with the typical dozens of Mews
Cooper’s Hawk - one immature and both female and male adults
Red-tailed Hawk - perched, early, on one of the light poles
Hermit Thrush - calling early from the meadows
Most active birds: a large mixed flock of dozens each of American Robin, Cedar Waxwing and European Starling were in the north end, between the dog run and Kite Hill

For the day, 50 species.
Scott Ramos

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