[Tweeters] Most unlikely bird in the State (?) survives the chill, so far!

Jon Houghton jon.houghton at hartcrowser.com
Wed Dec 12 16:55:36 PST 2018

Hi Tweeterdom - Today I made my fourth visit to the Stanwood STP environs to try once more for the unlikely VERMILLION FLYCATCHER. I was getting a little discouraged after 3 unsuccessful visits and with no reports from yesterday. Upon arrival at 98th Ave West, I first stopped just past the drainage canal to look at the chain-link fence where it was last reported. After about 5 minutes there, I drove south past the 90-degree bend and searched the apple tree and fences behind the next to last house. Again, no luck. I drove back to the area west of the STP and voila! There it was, flycatching from the fence, but quickly went out of sight. Hoping for a photo, I parked at the far (east) edge of the strip mall east of the street entrance and walked back over the canal. The bird was back at it, providing great but distant views as it flew to the ground, back to the fence, over to a snag north of the first house on the east side of the road, and then, tantalizingly into the back side of the bushes right next to the road (out of view, of course). So this third (at least AZ visitor to the state is hangin' in there through the early part of winter at least, perhaps proving himself tougher than our other two most-unusual sub-tropicals this year (Phainopepla, and Painted Redstart) who didn't seem to like our cooling fall weather. Happy Birding! - Jon Houghton, Edmonds
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