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Hello Tweeters,

Bill and I flew to Sao Paolo in early November and joined a
group there to bird south to Porto Alegre. After that 2-week tour, we flew
to Iguazu Falls and birded a further 5 days. Our aim in the first part of
the trip was to find birds in the Serra do Mar, or coastal range. We did
dip down to the coast a few times to look for special birds there. For the
first 4 days of the trip, we stayed in Intervales State Park, a huge park in
southern Sao Paolo state. It was quite wet there and wet off and on during
the rest of the trip. But the birds don't care and we did succeed in seeing
quite a few. And we did get some lovely sunny weather in the second half.

I've put together an album of pictures on Flickr, which you
can access via the link here:

The photos are arranged in phylogenetic order instead of chronological
order. But I did throw in some scenic shots to give some idea of the kind
of terrain we were birding in. So in the album, you hit the ducks first and
a few more common birds before you get to birds we don't see in North
America like puffbirds, woodcreepers, cinclodes, reed haunters, tody-tyrants
(my favorite!) and on and on.

There are over 300 pictures in the album (!) so you won't be
able to look at it in one minute.

Best wishes for happy birding in the coming year!

Charlotte Byers, Edmonds

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