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Debbie Mcleod skepsou at icloud.com
Mon Dec 10 01:35:12 PST 2018

This question was recently posted to the Be Neighborly Kirkland FaceBook group, and is generating some discussion.

"There's an article about the endangered trumpeter swans in Yellowstone that made me wonder who is stewarding the well being of the trumpeter swans in Juanita Bay? Does anyone (public sector, non-profit or individual volunteers) formally track their comings and goings, numbers, mating pairs, habitat, food sources, survival rates, etc.? I hope we do and that we are trying to protect them in every way."

I supplied the link to the NW Swan Conservation Association page, and shared this 2011 article (shout-out to Martha Jordan!):

I also said I would pass the question on to Tweeterdom and report back.

Hurrah for neighbors caring about the birds they see on their local walks!

Debbie in Kirklandia

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