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Tweets - I was up there today in Stanwood and, ironically, a participant in the sad event you memorialize from Brewster (is that my photo?). Today, several of us at Stanwood met the brother of the threatening guy firing his gun; the brother lives with the shooter and thinks, after spending more than a half hour with us in the cold looking for the flycatcher, that his brother is a little more understanding now; admittedly, still a little excitable. The Brewster situation was way different occurring on the Colville Reservation and involving a member of that nation who felt his privileges were different. I think as long as birders are aware that this is an “off the main road” kind of place, there is no parking, people who live there like their “privacy,” and then think about how you would feel with strangers looking into YOUR living space, and – most importantly –are respectful of the locals – all will be well. DO NOT block the road with your cars! Good luck.

Tom Mansfield in Seattle.

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Just a reminder of how similar events have unfolded in recent history in this group.


A Rare Owl Turned Up Dead—Are Birders To Blame? | Audubon<https://www.audubon.org/news/a-rare-owl-turned-dead-are-birders-blame>
A rare bird alert is usually a fortunate event: But not so for a Northern Hawk Owl that turned up dead in rural Washington earlier this month. To avoid tensions from rising, it’s important to give back to the local community by supporting it—either by getting lunch in town or shopping at local ...


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