[Tweeters] Stanwood: a CORRECTION - and IMPORTANT UPDATE from Stanwood PD.

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Thu Dec 6 18:51:47 PST 2018

Hi Tweets!

I just spoke with Stanwood police dept. They asked me to update Birders
with the following important information to avoid conflict and be able to
Bird safely:

Be aware that the area south of the highway is county property which allows
property owners to brandish and fire on their own property (but not point
weapons at people). There is also a lot of arial shooting property where
hunters are allowed to shoot ducks etc.

First off, my mistake, it is NOT the house with the US ARMY flag that is
the 'dangerous' house. It is a property owner who is north of that house.
Ann Marie was able to correct me on this (Thank you, dear.)

The three houses on the end of the road towards the corner with Leque rd,
"seemed ok" with having viewers walking past the house. They knew they had
a rare bird on their property. They have also had to deal with having
birders around before (maybe owl season) and also duck hunters, so being
respectful and friendly, smiling at people. and waving hello helps
dissolve conflict.

One particular property owner owns part of the dyke or steep bank on the
side by the river, and I think he owns the empty lot or pull off on the
right side of the road opposite the gates to the water treatment site. He
seems to own at least 4 properties that aren't built on and look like
vacant land. There is a No Trespassing sign by the pull out that has fallen
over, which is also where many birders were parking. Do not assume that
because other birders are parking somewhere, that it is legal. That was my
mistake. I had to pick up the No Trespassing sign to read it. I understand
that ALL of the property that is not paved County road is private. SO if
you want to see the bird it is recommended:

1. Keep to the paved road. If you MUST pull over because you have trouble
walking far, just do towards the end of the road near where it takes a 90*
angle and turns into Leque Rd, and again, KEEP TO THE PAVED ROAD. I can't
stress this last point enough.

2. You are allowed to pull over on this road (as per Stanwood police) as
long as you are not blocking the road, but I do not recommend it unless
necessary. When one car pulls over, others do so too. Even 3 cars pulled
over would be really annoying for residents to have so many cars in front
of their houses.

3. Do not park in any of the the pull outs. If you want to park, find
somewhere legal back on the main highway by a business perhaps where you
won't be towed. Ask permission of business owners if possible. Then walk up
the road keeping on the pavement i.e. road itself.

4. DO NOT CLIMB THE DYKE OR BANK of the river. That is private property. Do
NOT even walk on any grass verge. I did hear shots while I was just walking
on the paved road so I don't know what that was about. It could have been
duck hunting.

The police officer said that the property owner may have had to deal with
photographers, birders or hunters, who in the past, trespassed and littered
or did not respect his land in some way. He is well within his rights to
sound off his shotgun on his property. Birders may be preventing ducks from
flying over and affecting hunting i.e. affecting wildlife in his opinion.

There were at least two incidents involving shooting in the air yesterday.
One in the morning (which sounded really scary because face to face
brandishing and shooting in the air, was involved) and one in the afternoon
(mild annoyance). It is very easy to walk on some private property without
realizing and set off this guy's trigger finger so be careful and be safe.

I thought that last three houses by the 98th and Leque intersection, were
pretty friendly and safe to view the bird from the road from and so far the
bird has been seen here in small shrubs and even on breeze blocks half a
foot off the ground. This is also where the Black Phoebe has been seen.
Check out the shrubs near the house.

I recommend talking to the residents without disturbing them, and asking
them permission if you can photo or view the bird while it is on their
property just to be polite. I wouldn't ring doorbells to do so, but just if
you get the opportunity when they are in speaking range and look as though
they don't mind interacting.

This is a quiet road and the residents appreciate the wildlife.

I hope you all get to see this bird in harmony with residents.
*Stay warm, drive safe.*
*Nadine Drisseq*
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