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Tweets – It was a gorgeous day; though it dawned a bitter 23 degrees, it was fogless and sunny, with only occasional winds. During the morning, it warmed 19 degrees by the time we finished at the Rowing Club. It was birdy too, especially for the first few hours. And several birds, that were previously MIA this winter, decided to show up.

After the walk, I went back to the Pea Patch, and after a half an hour of searching, I finally spotted the PALM WARBLER working the sunny side of the wall between the Pea Patch and the Pet Garden. This bird was first seen by Hank Heiberg about 10 days ago, and not noted again to my knowledge until yesterday morning. It is a very drab juvenile, showing only a trace of a reddish crown, and a hint of an eye line. The breast has a lot of blurry streaking. The undertail coverts are bright yellow, though, up the white spot at the end of the underside of the tail.

a.. Greater White-fronted Goose – at least 1 juvenile in with a couple of thousand Cacklers – First of Fall, finally
b.. TRUMPETER SWAN – five adults in a slow fly-over. Thankfully they called – First of Fall
c.. Northern Shoveler – four at lake – first since late October
d.. - 8 species of duck total – nothing notable, except this is the best showing we’ve had. Included both Common and Hooded Mergansers
e.. Ring-necked Pheasant – male at Pea Patch again
f.. Horned Grebe – one on lake
g.. Green Heron – far side of slough, north of last dog swim area
h.. Northern Saw-whet Owl – Matt heard one well pre-dawn
i.. Merlin – Mark saw one near the mansion
j.. Northern Shrike – adult, 2 sightings
k.. PINE SISKIN – suddenly everywhere – maybe 100. First of Fall
l.. Western Meadowlark – one for the group near the Viewing Mound. Six for me just before 8 am
m.. PALM WARBLER – after the walk; see notes above
Our only big misses today were American Wigeon and Mew Gull. A really good day, with 63 species (counting the Palm Warbler).

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