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Discharging a firearm in that manner is likely a felony and should be reported to the sheriff.

Wally Davis

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Yesterday morning I was confronted by a VERY angry couple on 98th NW. At the time 8-10 Birders were walking the short stretch of road in search of the VEFL. I had already seen the bird and was just an extra pair of eyes, and transportation, for a friend.

This road certainly fits the description of a sensitive area. There are no shoulders or pullouts, and property on both sides of the road is private, posted, and closely monitored. This includes the dike! There is no place to park, or turn around, on without encroaching on private property.

Yesterday, in an attempt to avoid a garbage truck and several walkers I made a quick turn around in the first driveway on the left. The property owners drove in right behind the garbage truck, were incensed by my “trespassing” and that of increasing numbers birders, and spent the next 15-20 minutes shouting accusations at me and the birders walking along 98th NW.

My apology for using their driveway was finally accepted by Mrs. B. who agreed the my turnaround wasn’t the main concern and asked me to put out the word that our presence was bad for the wildlife in the area and a problem for many of the residents on 98th NW.

Unfortunately, her husband was so angry that he retrieved a shotgun from his car, aimed it upwards, and discharged it repeatedly, both from the street and the dike, while yelling at everyone still on the street. The threatening behavior was disturbing and the message clear: BIRDERS ARE NOT WELCOME AND TRESSPASSING WILL NOT BE TOLERATED.

Ann Marie Wood

Mountlake Terrace, WA

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