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A good migrant push today. Started early with drizzle off and on but mild with little wind. The weather improved as the morning wore on and the bird activity picked up accordingly. Nothing as exciting as the special sparrows seen elsewhere today, but gratifying as the summer doldrums are fading with the myriad fall arrivals.

Cooper’s Hawk - all 3 immatures from the park brood were bouncing around Kite Hill. One entertained us trying to land on a pencil-thin twig, turning almost upside down trying to hang on and fly up at the same time. Later, another made a stoop on a Song Sparrow in the trail right in front of us but badly timed its grab as the sparrow plunged into the brush.
Barn Owl - one of the immatures was flying around the Community Center building, landing in the trees by the road, then the roof, then the Doug Firs on 62nd.
Barred Owl - Bruce got us on a perched bird on Promontory Point which casually watched as 4, or more, Anna’s Hummingbirds came in to mob it; first of year
Willow Flycatcher - at least 5
Pacific-slope Flycatcher - at least 2
Warbling Vireo - 4
Warblers - 9 Orange-crowned, 7 Yellowthroat, 9 Yellow, 1 Black-throated Gray, 1 Wilson’s
Bullock’s Oriole - rattling call as it flew in to cottonwoods, north end; first of year!
Black-headed Grosbeak - with the tanagers

For the day, 50 species.
Checklist: https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S48197324 <https://ebird.org/view/checklist/S48197324>
Scott Ramos

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