[Tweeters] Sunrise Wheatear--NO

Christopher Clark cjbirdmanclark at gmail.com
Wed Aug 29 15:55:48 PDT 2018

Hey everyone! Just a quick heads up, I went up to Sunrise today and did not
relocate the Northern Wheatear reported yesterday... I did, however, see
plenty of passerines around the picnic area and heading up the stairs
towards the Frozen Lake trail. I couldn't ID them all, though nothing stood
out as different, but my point is there was lots of activity and it could
still be around. Not sure if others had success or not.

Overall it was still a nice day, with a good number of species. Early in
the day, a Nashville Warbler was seen right in front of the visitor center,
and near the picninc area, a "sooty" Fox Sparrow was seen and heard. Not
sure how common they are up here in migration, but I thought it was a cool
sighting. Coming down after a hike to Mt Fremont, a Prairie Falcon dove
over towards Frozen Lake. For those who enjoy mammals, aside from the
friendly chipmunks and ground-squirrels, there were good numbers of pika
(6-8 seen and heard) and a nice group of Mountain Goats were seen from the
lookout tower on Mt Fremont.

Ebird checklist: https://ebird.org/pnw/view/checklist/S48159839

Christopher Clark
Sumner, WA

Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/155731005@N03/
Instagram: @birdmanclarkphotography
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