[Tweeters] Bird Run last week

Vicki Biltz vickibiltz at gmail.com
Mon Aug 27 10:37:15 PDT 2018

Hi Tweets,
While everyone was worrying about smoke affecting the birds; many were
coming quite early in the morning to my pond and stream drinking and taking
some pretty serious baths. ( I ran out of little towels for them, but they
didn’t complain ) I had 7 Western Tanagers of a variety of plumages all
appear at once, with the Black throated gray( only one) chickadees, of both
kinds, towhees, my Lone Ranger Lesser Goldfinch male,,(whose still around
despite empty feeders, Flickers, a Hairy, and a variety of others, who are
always in abundance. My husband sees a rather large flock very early,
since he gets up earlier than me. I am certain most are in the forest
most of the time. It’s beautiful fresh air and more than enough to eat,
even for my owls, as moles are breeding like the bunnies do, it seems.
Happy Birding,
Vicki Biltz
Buckley in the country, 98321
Vickibiltz at gmail.com

vickibiltz at gmail.com
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