[Tweeters] Vireos and variations in plumages

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There is a lot of yellow.  Any chance it is a Philadelphia vireo?

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On Fri, Aug 24, 2018 at 5:54 PM, amk17 at earthlink.net<amk17 at earthlink.net> wrote: Here are some photos of the vireo.  It is still around, here in Phinney.  Based on the season and other features (e.g. yellow in throat not brighter than other parts, dark lore not wedge shaped if there at all (can't decide) etc.), this is most likely a first year warbling vireo.  The colors are not as bright as in person and the photos grainy but still interested in getting confirmation.  I included a photo of a warbling vireo adult that was in the yard last week - with white undersides.  If the link does not work, just let me know.


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>A vireo has been in the yard all day.  I spotted it diving between finches into the bird bath.  It's  throat, breast, belly, sides and vent are quite yellow.  Dark contrasting cap or crown and mostly gray head but olive from bill down. Dark wings against green/olive body.  Blue legs.  It chatted for a very brief moment and only once. 


>Admittedly, I am a little perplexed.  And hope someone can help with an id.


>Would appreciate any suggestions or reference materials.



>Seattle, WA


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