[Tweeters] Swallows and Swifts

Deborah West olyclarinet at gmail.com
Sun Aug 19 18:31:35 PDT 2018

Down here in my part of Olympia I have had no lack of swallows.There is nothing very special about my house and the little fifties subdivision I am in except for maybe the wetlands about a quarter mile away. For most of the summer I have had both swallows and swifts flying over and around my house. Usually I see them from around 5:00 pm until near dusk. Around 5:30 pm I counted over thirty swallows on a telephone line with more flying around and, additionally, about 8-12 swifts—the usual number.

A few weeks ago I had a fabulous evening when, at about 4 to 8 feet I had many dragonflies, up a little higher many swallows, then even higher, the swifts. I think there must have been a hatching as I could, when the light was right, see little flying insects. It is a great feeling to have swallows just above you and dragonflies veering around you.

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