[Tweeters] Pelagic Birding: 10 spaces available for Friday, September 14, 2018 (George Gerdts)

George Gerdts geopandion at gmail.com
Wed Aug 15 15:28:21 PDT 2018

Dear birders,

Here’s a chance to join me and Gene Hunn on a private charter out of
Westport to see pelagic birds.

As I write this, there are 10 spaces available on a *Friday,* *September
14, 2018* private charter with *Westport Seabirds* for a full day pelagic
birding trip. You are invited to join me and Gene Hunn and my Victor
Emanuel Nature Tours (VENT) group of 4 birders for a full day of pelagic
birding at a great time of year, with the skipper and regular spotters who
have made Westport trips famous.

The group size for the charter will be limited to just 16, a good bit less
crowded than the normal 25 or so aboard Westport Seabirds’ regularly
scheduled outings. Two of the regular contingent of highly experienced
spotters from Westport Seabirds will be aboard (plus me and Gene) to help
spot and assist you in getting a look at the many possible seabird species
seen this time of year (*see below for a list of typical species*).

The cost of the pelagic trip is $150 and may be paid by personal check
payable to Victor Emanuel Nature Tours.

*To register*, please call the *Victor Emanuel Nature Tours
(800-328-VENT) *office,
and ask for Margaret or Patrick. You will receive a confirmation from VENT
of your registration for the pelagic trip. *[Please don’t contact George
to register, as he can’t take registrations.]*

You will need to make your own travel, rooming, and meal arrangements,
including providing your own lunch on the boat.

Please be ready to meet at the boat (*Monte Carlo*) at Float #10 in
Westport at *6:15 a.m. on September 14*. Float #10 is on the main harbor
in "downtown" Westport, and all the floats (i.e. docks) are numbered. To
be properly prepared for potential weather, you should strongly consider:
rainproof jacket, pants, and footwear; warm hat and gloves; long underwear
if you get cool easily; snacks and lunch and drinks (there is drinkable
water on board); and motion-sickness precautions if you are prone to this

There are a variety of motels in Westport to consider for accommodations,
some within walking distance to the boat. The VENT group stays at Chateau
Westport (info at chateauwestport.com; 800-255-9101), about a ten minute drive
from the harbor.

This invitation to join this private pelagic charter is on a first
come-first served basis. You will receive a note of confirmation when you
have been registered. Once registered, please feel free to contact me
before the trip if you have any questions.

Hope to see you in September. Call or write me if you have questions or
need more information.

George Gerdts

geopandion at gmail.com

206-842-8138 home

206-817-6979 cell

*Birds seen regularly* on Westport pelagic trips on mid-September species
include Black-footed Albatross; Buller’s, Sooty, Pink-footed, and possibly
Short-tailed and Flesh-footed shearwaters; Fork-tailed Storm-Petrel;
Pomarine and Parasitic jaegers (Long-tailed less likely; Red and Red-necked
phalaropes; Northern Fulmar; Cassin’s Auklet; Tufted Puffin (scarce);
Arctic Tern; and the strikingly patterned Sabine’s Gull. South Polar Skua
is seen on many trips at this season, and Laysan Albatross and Manx
Shearwater occasionally. A wide variety of marine mammals is also
possible, such as Dall’s Porpoise, Humpback Whale, or Northern Fur-Seal.
The waters close in are good for loons, cormorants, and other near-shore
diving birds.
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