[Tweeters] Bald Eagle attacking Common Loon, a bit graphic image and description, Drayton Harbor

Eric Ellingson abriteway at hotmail.com
Tue Aug 14 18:54:08 PDT 2018

Leaving Semiahmoo Spit after a non-productive brief visit I spotted a Bald Eagle along the edge of the water on the Drayton Harbor side. Pulled into the parking lot across the street and went to investigate figure it was eating something on the beach. Not having grabbed my binocs and not sure what I was looking at I snapped a couple photos. The eagle saw me after a bit and flew off toward the nest high up in the trees along the harbor. Looking back at the meal closer I then heard the haunting sound of a Common Loon. It swam out just a bit, raised itself up shaking its feathers then settled down again and slowly swam away from the shore. It was making the loon calls on a much more frequent period than I've heard before. It looked dazed and injured at the wing base and elsewhere. I missed the beginning of this story just catching what I'm guessing was the middle and not the end of this encounter, especially if the eagle calls I heard high up in the nest were young waiting to be fed.


[cid:2d1fa08d-9bb8-4956-b9b2-c2042237e945]Bald Eagle attacking Common Loon (graphic image)<https://flic.kr/p/2a6GRsH>
This eagle was ripping at the back end of the loon, feathers & flesh. I figured the loon a goner but the eagle saw me watching it and it flew off toward a nest along Drayton Harbor. Incredibly the loon shook it's feathers and slowing swam away repeatedly making the haunting calls of the loon. I'm guessing with Bald Eagles being scavengers the story is not over. Blaine WA USA

[https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1837/44040456801_d907fabfcb_b.jpg] <https://www.flickr.com/photos/ericellingson/44040456801/>

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