[Tweeters] Strange happenings on eBird

Hank H h.heiberg at yahoo.com
Tue Aug 14 11:07:26 PDT 2018

This morning I looked at my list of birds for the month and Mallard was not on the list. So clearly something was wrong. So I looked at a checklist that I knew should have Mallard and found Mallard/Mexican Duck instead. Okay, maybe I goofed up. So then I looked at another checklist, Juanita Bay Park, and found the same thing. Sorry, but I don't think that I made the same error twice. On top of that eBird sorted the possible species based on 97 Juanita Bay checklists. Mallard is in the never reported category. It appears that something is seriously wrong. I would appreciate feedback on this. Are others seeing the same thing? Has eBird been hacked?

Hank Heiberg
Issaquah, WA

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