[Tweeters] Ravens on San Juan Island

Stewart Wechsler ecostewart at gmail.com
Sun Aug 12 12:33:08 PDT 2018

While I don't know why you have seen more Ravens on this particular trip to
San Juan Island, I am only guessing that it is correlated with the local
population of this species adapting to more urbanized and more commercially
altered landscapes throughout the Puget Trough.

(I have probably posted this on Tweeters before, but it applies to this

Eighteen years ago, I had never seen a Raven in Seattle, in the previous 22
years I had lived here, or in earlier visits. I then saw a pair that
started visiting Seward Park in Seattle, which might have been a pair that
I had heard was then nesting on Mercer Island, across Lake Washington from
Seward Park. Then about 6 years ago, after maybe 3 winters of the Ravens
at least visiting Lincoln Park during the day (Once or twice I saw them
flying across the Puget Sound to get to or from Lincoln Park, and I thought
they may have been making that flight daily then), a pair started
successfully nesting in Lincoln Park, where I spend a lot of time. They
have successfully nested there each year since then. I have heard and seen
them there non-stop since about 6 years ago. Ravens have long been adapted
to life in urbanized Alaskan areas, it seems to me that they are now
adapting to landscapes that are more altered by commercialized, urbanizing,
European culture in the Puget Trough.

While Ravens have been adapted to life on San Juan Island much longer than
they have been adapted to life in Seattle, an increase in their population
in the whole Puget Trough could be reflected in a greater than ever
population on San Juan Island.

Other thoughts?

-Stewart Wechsler

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> Greetings from San Juan Island. I come up here several times a year and

> this trip I?ve noticed an abundance of Raven. I?m basing that ID mainly on

> their vocalizations. But also a familiarity with the bird. Any guesses or

> suggestions as to why their numbers seem so strong this summer? Just

> curious.


> Thanks

> Jack Nolan

> Shoreline WA


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