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Tom and Carol Stoner tcstonefam at gmail.com
Sat Aug 11 20:00:51 PDT 2018

We’re in E. WA and coming down from Sherman Pass on hwy 20 we stopped at
Albion Hill Rd. I’m guessing we were approx 4000’ in mixed larch and pine,
maybe some spruce. The bird I glimpsed was at the top of a very tall larch.
It seemed to be feeding, poking at the base of needle clusters. Indistinct
medium gray-brown, starling size, but in flight shaped more like a sparrow
or a thrush. The only field mark that was distinct were the two dark oval
spots at the end of the tail. It was calling constantly “chi chi chi-chi”
with no clear pattern.

Any guesses or does it go on the mystery bird list?

Many thanks
Carol Stoner
West Seattle
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