[Tweeters] Deer Lagoon, Useless Bay

David A. Armstrong davearm at uw.edu
Fri Aug 10 15:15:31 PDT 2018

At the very low tide this morning a group of 4 walked the Deer Lagoon dike
trails eventually out to Useless Bay. Birds are moving back into the area
after northern breeding. Highlights included about 3 dozen black bellied
plovers, 100+ caspian terns, 50+ mew gulls, several dozen bonapate's gulls,
20 white pelicans, 40+ western sandpipers, and 30+ GBH on the outer
A team of citizen science people were checking traps set in the southern
portion of Deer Lagoon to survey for possible spread of the green crab,
Carcinus maenas....none were caught.

David Armstrong
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