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Tweets – It was a fitting morning for our first post-Lunasa (fall cross-quarter) survey. Heavy overcast, cool, breezy, with mist, mizzle, and even a few minutes of light rain at the Rowing Club. The birds were really quiet, and it seems that several species are clearing out of the area.

a.. Canada Goose – flock of about 120 on Fields 7-8-9
b.. Wood Duck – yet another clutch of small ducklings
c.. COMMON MERGANSER – female with 5 small ducklings near weir. First in 6 weeks, and rare this time of year
d.. Spotted Sandpiper – two juveniles at weir
e.. CASPIAN TERN – one over lake
f.. Green Heron – juvenile along slough
g.. OSPREY – 6 adults over lake, juveniles in nest by velodrome
h.. Barn Owl – Matt had an adult over the East Meadow early; first there in months
i.. Western Screech-Owl – at least two heard before 5am near Mysterious Thicket
j.. Purple Martin – babies in 3 of 4 gourds at Lake Platform; at least 3 in rear right gourd
k.. Barn Swallow – our only other swallow species, and only 2-3 of them
l.. Swainson’s Thrush – just one heard
m.. Savannah Sparrow – just one
n.. BULLOCK’S ORIOLE – two juveniles. Never before have we had BUOR after July 30
o.. Yellow Warbler – two
p.. Wilson’s Warbler – male at south end of Dog Meadow
q.. LAZULI BUNTING – two adult males and two juveniles in Pea Patch
Mammals: Mule Deer (buck), Muskrat, Eastern Cottontail, Eastern Gray Squirrel

Misses today included Rock Pigeon, Vaux’s Swift, Rufous Hummingbird, Cooper’s Hawk, Violet-green Swallow, Cliff Swallow, Purple Finch, Red-winged Blackbird, and Black-headed Grosbeak.

Interesting to note that we had YELLOW-RUMPED WARBLER every week from the first week of March through the third week of July, and then none the last two weeks. They clearly bred at Marymoor this year, but, as is typical, no sightings now. We probably won’t see more until mid-September, but then they will be one of the most common birds through the beginning of November.

For the day, just 52 species.

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