[Tweeters] Union Bay Natural Area

amk17 at earthlink.net amk17 at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 30 17:17:40 PDT 2018

Today's late visit to the fill yielded a continuing solitary sandpiper that was joined by 5 least sandpipers in the second pond (Boy Scout Pond?). Also observed a female blue winged teal but not the male at the larger pond that used to be a parking lot.

At Yesler Swamp, it looks like the Canada Goose nest has failed as there were several eggs in the water (a couple still on the nest) and no goose in site. I did observe a pair of wood ducks and American wigeon in the same area. Also a very large, at least 10-12" across, invasive softshell turtle in proximity to the Canada goose nest.

Happy birding,

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