[Tweeters] Bainbridge Island Warbler fallout + Pacific slope flycatchers

Daniel Lipinski dano135 at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 30 08:44:50 PDT 2018

This past weekend 4/28 and 4/29 I experienced a warbler influx during the breaks between the storms in my 1 acre Bainbridge Island property. Dozens, if not more, yellow rumped warblers both Audubon's and myrtle (male and female) with what seemed like a greater occurrence of Audubon's. Also mixed in the group were at least 3 Townsends warblers, one orange crowned, and two or more Black-throated gray warblers (black-throated stayed high in the maples/alder so there could have been more) Also mixed in were multiple FOY Pacific slope flycatchers - small empid- slight yellowish on bellow- dog whistle "chu-wee"call- feeding low in the forest/apple trees. Is this an early or on-time arrival- (I am 100% on the ID, very common in my yard all summer, close visuals and calling)? Also had calling thrushes- either a weird sounding Swainson's or a Hermit- matched neither call I am familiar with but sounded close to both- no visual ID made. Swallows were overhead, likely violet green/tree, too high and not calling for positive ID. I was hoping to add Wilson's warbler during the fallout completing my annual my yard warbler list- but no such luck on Saturday. Sunday of course had at least 2 Wilson individuals calling from the alders/blackberry thicket where they nest/occur all summer, but the major fallout had moved on only with a few yellow-rumped remaining in the mix on Sunday. Additionally, I saw my FOY large swallows, very likely purple martins (ID at a glance while driving by) on the martin gourds near the head of Eagle Harbor.

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