[Tweeters] Bald Eagle nest?

Anne Bengelink aebengelink at comcast.net
Sat Apr 28 14:54:06 PDT 2018

I am wondering where our (i.e. Western WA) Bald Eagles are right now in their breeding cycle. I am asking because I think we have a new nest on the Green River in NE Auburn. At least it is new to me and we have lived here for 27 years. A lot of eagle sightings this winter along the river and then I noticed the "nest" high in a cottonwood and always an adult perched nearby. I have never actually seen an adult on the nest. The leaves have mostly obscured the nest in the last two or so weeks, but it can still be seen from a viewing spot across the river. If anyone is interested in seeing it, I can give directions.

Thanks for any info.

Anne Bengelink

Auburn Wa

aebengelink at comcast.net
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