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Sat Apr 28 07:54:30 PDT 2018

The pelicans have shown up at Deer Lagoon again for the third year in a
row, and earlier than in the past. Two years ago, the first pelicans
arrived on June 16th, last year the first arrivals were on May 7th, and
this year, a single bird was seen on April 13th, and then 11-16 birds were
sighted April 24th-26th. Yesterday, there was a larger group, and when they
all started feeding in the same area, I was able to count 44 birds. Also
worthy of note is that most of the pelicans at Padilla Bay have flown down
to Deer Lagoon and joined the others on the 13th and 14 of July the past
two years, bringing the total to around 200 both years.

The water on the marsh side of the area, where the pelicans like to hang
out, is higher than the past two years. I am hoping that will allow for a
safe place for them to breed, something that hasn't happened at this
location the past two years. Two years ago, some folks suggested that the
reason the pelicans flew up to the lagoon and Padilla Bay was because it
was so dry in parts south, such as the Malheur Refuge, but last year was a
good water year for that area and the pelicans still arrived.

George Heleker
earthman1950 at whidbey.com
Clinton, WA.

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