[Tweeters] Gatewood Great Horned Owls

Janeanne Houston houstojc at plu.edu
Fri Apr 27 22:56:56 PDT 2018

About 20 minutes ago, I was typing an email, and heard what sounded like a Great Horned Owl through the window. Thinking I was out of my mind, I walked out on to the deck, where the cat was looking scared, and heard one calling from atop a Cedar, then a second flew into the nearby Fir. They had a conversation for a while, then dipped south. My husband came running upstairs with his camera 😊, but did get to hear the concert. It has been an interesting spring here in West Seattle.

Janeanne Houston

Gatewood Hill, West Seattle

houstojc at plu.edu <mailto:houstojc at plu.edu>

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