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Fri Apr 27 21:16:05 PDT 2018

Tweets – A great day at Marymoor this morning, with sunshine and blue skies. The real rarities seem unwilling to show up on Thursdays, but we had some good birds even so.

a.. Ring-necked Duck – A pair on the Rowing Club pond might be the ones Mark spotted earlier. Probably our last until fall.
b.. Virginia Rail – at least two heard predawn from boardwalk
c.. Common Loon – two calling while flying just before 6, and 1 on the lake. One on Monday was the First of 2018
d.. Great Blue Heron – babies heard doing grum-grum-grum calls, also heard last week
e.. Turkey Vulture – one off to the west
f.. Osprey – four, I believe
g.. Barn Owl – Matt saw one at the windmill ridiculously early
h.. Western Screech-Owl – Mason heard one pre-dawn
i.. Great Horned Owl – Michael had one at the model airplane field pre-dawn
j.. - All 5 common woodpeckers
k.. WARBLING VIREO – Several. First of 2018 and 2nd earliest date ever, beaten only by a 23-Apr-15 sighting
l.. American Pipit – about 20 in grass/gravel lot near Climbing Rock
m.. American Goldfinch – finally seeing/hearing several birds
n.. Western Meadowlark – two north of fields 7-8-9
o.. Orange-crowned Warbler – finally seen/heard in large numbers
p.. NASHVILLE WARBLER – just as we were about to leave the Rowing Club – First of 2018
q.. WILSON’S WARBLER – two heard singing. First of 2018, and earliest record ever by a day (though 7 years we’ve had them one day later!)
r.. WESTERN TANAGER – two males at Rowing Club. First of 2018, and earliest sighting ever by 4 days!
After the main walk, a late lake view turned up three additional species for the count:
a.. Common Goldeneye – one or maybe two females. We’ve had only 2 sightings later in spring.
b.. Pied-billed Grebe – one
c.. Cliff Swallow – at least 2
We also had a nice look at a RIVER OTTER from the 2nd Dog Swim Beach.

This week had a lot of birders and photographers out, and we/they found many additional birds, some of which were reported on Tweeters and/or Facebook:
a.. Hooded Merganser on Monday
b.. WESTERN KINGBIRD – 1 on Wednesday, photographed by Kazuto Shibata
c.. LOGGERHEAD SHRIKE – 1 on Monday, photographed by Kazuto, and 1 Wednesday as well, also seen by him! That makes 3 or 4 LOSH for 2018, with only 5 sightings ever noted before.
d.. Ruby-crowned Kinglet – 1 on Monday may be last until fall
e.. MOUNTAIN BLUEBIRD – 2 on Sunday (technically last week), photographed by Kazuto
f.. Hermit Thrush – 1 on Tuesday
g.. Lincoln’s Sparrow – 1 on Monday
So that’s 69 species today, plus at least 6 more earlier in the week (75 for Week 17 so far). Our year list is up to 115 species.

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