[Tweeters] Pierce County birding, 4/27/18

Christopher Clark cjbirdmanclark at gmail.com
Fri Apr 27 15:19:10 PDT 2018

Well, despite the gloomy clouds present today, I decided to get out and
chase down a couple rarities. And boy today sure didn't disappoint!

After doing a quick check for the American Bittern in Sumner reported
recently (didn't see it), I stopped at the 56th st retention ponds in
Puyallup for the continuing Yellow-headed Blackbird. Though I already
mentioned it in another message, imagine my surprise when I saw 4 American
White Pelicans resting on the levee! Plus I got the blackbird, so I was
able to add 2 new birds to my Pierce County list, bringing me up to 214

Next I drove over to Chambers Bay. First thing I noticed was that a new
Osprey nest is being built... Well, it is built, but the Ospreys were just
adding a few extra details I guess. This new nest is on the large central
concrete building in the middle of the large grassy field. You can't miss
it! Sadly it looks like a Canada Goose pair beat them to the nesting
platform, but its nice to see the Ospreys adapting. Heck, some geese tried
to confiscate their new nest, but were promptly chased off by one of the
Ospreys. Quite I sight! Towards the end of my visit the Osprey pair
copulated, so they should have a nice clutch of youngsters in the not too
distant future. Other highlights included a close flyover Bald Eagle, a
tame singing Western Meadowlark, and a flyby flock that consisted of
Dunlin, Western, and Least Sandpipers. All in all an excellent morning,
with great sightings and some nice photos taken too!

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Christopher Clark
Sumner, WA
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