[Tweeters] flashlight for owling RFI

Gary Bletsch garybletsch at yahoo.com
Sat Apr 21 20:42:55 PDT 2018

Dear Tweeters,
My little LED flashlight went kaputt after only a year and a half. I have bad luck with LED flashlights, but also realize that the old flashlights with light bulbs are passé.
I would love some recommendations for a good owling light. My criteria would be as follows.
1. Not too big--hopefully no bigger than a knockwurst.
2. Adjustable beam that can vary from wide-angle to narrow, and that can shine a good long way, to illuminate distant owls, goatsuckers, and so forth.
3. No oddball batteries--preferably either AAA or else some sort of rechargeable arrangement.
4. Durable--so far, I have bought two LED flashlights, with one lasting only a month, the other eighteen months. Meanwhile, I have a whole pile of decades-old light-bulb style flashlights, including one that weighs more than a whole package of the aforementioned wurst.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions.
Yours truly,
Gary Bletsch
PS This evening, the 21st of April, a Sora is serenading me at my house!  
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