[Tweeters] Sandhill Cranes in Eastern WA

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I was fly fishing at Beda Lake on Wednesday, 4/18, and also saw lots of Sandhill Cranes flying around, mainly just west of Dodson Road S., about a mile west of the Beda Lake parking area. Initially there were about 200 that circled around and landed in that area, but more kept coming in all the time in smaller groups. I’m estimating that I saw about 400 Sandhill Cranes during the day from about 9 a.m. to 3 p.m. I have no idea if those cranes will remain in that area as they definitely seem to be migrating north.

Good birding!

Rex Takasugi
Kent, WA

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My wife and I were in the Potholes area this past weekend (Apr 14-16), and saw several hundred Sandhill cranes flying overhead, starting from about 6:30 p.m. until twilight. These were seen mainly along Frenchman Hills Road. Also, at dusk, many were feeding in stubble fields west of Dobson Road. Also saw several hundred Snow geese in large flocks.

Other flocks of Sandhill cranes were seen flying north over the Columbia NWR on Monday. The Columbia NWR is wet, greening up, and teeming with birds right now.



>I had about 200 or more Sandhill Cranes on Sunday, April 8th in a stubble

>field about a mile west of Birders Corner. It is on the north side of 7 SW

>Street. Most of them were just flying in from all directions, however once

>on the ground, they were not visible due to a hump in the field. On Monday,

>I saw only a small flock west of Corfu Road, along Lower Crab Creek. I

>could hear more though, but did not look for them. Hope this helps!


>Good Birding!




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>>> Is it still worth driving over to see the cranes near Othello/ Moses Lake?

>>> How much longer will a sizable number be in the area? Thanks.

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