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Tweets – The weather report looked so promising, but instead we had fog for most of the morning. Nothing but grayness. As we finished up at the mansion, and then over at the Rowing Club, we finally had the forecast sunshine. Also, water levels were high, with even a little water over the boardwalk. Things were pretty quiet.

a.. Eurasian Collared Dove – still a notable species, though sightings are increasing
b.. VAUX’S SWIFT – one over the slough once it became sunny. First of 2018
c.. Western Screech-Owl – Matt heard one near “The Mysterious Thicket” around 5am
d.. Great Horned Owl – Scott Ramos heard one pre-dawn from the model airplane field
e.. - All 5 common woodpeckers
f.. “Black” Merlin – flushed the American Pipits and Killdeer from the grass/gravel field
g.. Hutton’s Vireo – singing north of windmill. Apparently resident there this year.
h.. - All 5 common swallows
i.. American Pipit – maybe as many as a dozen all told, on mowed fields
j.. Fox Sparrow – just one; maybe our last until fall
k.. Orange-crowned Warbler – just one, at Rowing Club
Since the day had gotten sunny, I did much of the walk again, hoping to find any of the myriad of rarities that can show up this time of year. Pretty much nada. I did verify the HUTTON’S VIREO, which had been heard-only before, and being able to see out from the Lake Platform, I added AMERICAN COOT, BUFFLEHEAD, and DOUBLE-CRESTED CORMORANT. Other than that, there were many more Rufous Hummingbirds apparent, and much more singing of Purple Finch. I also had a flock of 11 Steller’s Jay, and got to actually see a PILEATED WOODPECKER.

Misses today included Gadwall, Green-winged Teal, Band-tailed Pigeon, Wilson’s Snipe, Belted Kingfisher, and American Goldfinch. The high water levels and fog probably account for most of those.

For the day, 68 species (65 on the regular walk). New for the year was VAUX’S SWIFT. In addition, some birders saw and photographed a SAGE THRASHER at the park on 2018-04-15, bringing the 2018 total to 110 species.

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