[Tweeters] Osprey reunion at the Fill

William Driskell bdriskell at comcast.net
Wed Apr 18 15:52:37 PDT 2018

Today around 3, both osprey ("Lacey and Chesty") reunited at the nest
with much vocalizing (~30 min). The male ("Chesty") fly up extra high
and was doing shallow swoops and hovers (perhaps that looks sexy to an
osprey) while the female sat chirping on the nest.  He finally stooped
back to the nest at high speed (the Tom Cruise/Top Gun move) causing her
to bail out from the platform. They finally both perched briefly on the
nest platform. They were last seen flying off together down the lake.

Knowing that osprey migrate separately, this may have been the first
reunion since their Mexico vacations. Single birds had been reported in
the area over the last week.


William Driskell
Seattle WA
206-522-5930 h/o

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