[Tweeters] What goose is this?

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I might lean to a white Canada as it looks like there is "whiter" cheek patch.

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> Hi,

> I got a note on our NWSCA Facebook page with two photos of a goose flying over a big body of water with a seagull of some type. The post person saw this on a birding post and asked me what I thought. All I know at this point that the location is Manchester (no other info provided).

> I think this is an albino white-fronted goose. The white area around the bill, the pattern of pale color, the shape of the bird, the whitish belly. And it looks like a 2012 posting of an albino white front in Germany.

> You can view this at: https://www.facebook.com/nwswans/posts/1711353722255034


> If you have trouble with the link let me know. I am curious about your opinions.


> Thanks


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