[Tweeters] O.T. ARF Big Year Update

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Sun Apr 15 15:08:25 PDT 2018

My Amphibian, Reptile & Fish Big Year (ARF) is up and running. So far I've seen 4 amphibians and 12 fish. The amphibians are: Pacific Chorus Frog, Northwestern Salamander, Olympic Torrent Salamander and Rough-skinned Newt.The torrent salamander and 3 fish: Puget Sound Rockfish, Tidepool Snailfish & Smoothhead Sculpin are lifers for me. I've now seen the snailfish in 2 locations.

I've been able to identify about 10% of the fish seen, a much higher rate than I anticipated. "Top side fish spotting" isn't for the easliy discouraged. No reptiles yet because of the cold spring. For the record I've also seen 9 mammals and 92 bird species. This is a practice year for a full on Vertebrate Big Year I hope to do in 2021 to celebrate retirement. I'm not really focusing on birds or mammals this year.

If you know of a location for an amphibian, reptile or unusual fish species, please pass along the tip.

----Steve Ellis

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