[Tweeters] Blue-headed vireo, Clark Co, Wa

Bob rflores_2 at msn.com
Sun Apr 15 13:13:31 PDT 2018

Sorry for late report. This morning at light I went to Frenchman's Bar Reg Park it was somewhat slow I found a good number of ruby-crowned and one golden-crowned kinglets. Also had a hermit thrush a single yellow-rumped warbler and lingering fox sparrow. The weather was a light off and on misting rain. Then about 10:15 the rain picked up and this is when I found the blue-headed. It is a beautiful adult plumaged bird. The head showed the bluish hood, the sides were bright yellow, it's eyering, specs, throat and wing bars are bright white. The bird was about ten yards from me about 6-8 feet high my look only about ten seconds. I knew exactly what it was when I first saw it. It was not seen again I stayed looking in the rain until 12:30. Randy Hill showed p after I had contacted me he is still there. After seeing the vireo the rain picked up considerably and so did the birds. From that time Randy and I had about 50-75 yellow-rumped, 1 orange-crowned and 1 Townsend's warblers. Also a single Cassin's vireo and very drab looking bird and should not be confused with the blue-headed. Hopefully Randy will add to the list I have a commitment and had to leave.

Bob Flores
Ridgefield, WA

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