[Tweeters] OT-problem with Flicker

Al n Donna alndonna at wamail.net
Mon Apr 9 11:50:31 PDT 2018

My friend’s house has received severe damage by a Flicker pecking holes in it. When she gets home from work, she goes outside and shoos it away, again later, again later, etc.

So she called a pest exterminator. When he climbed his ladder, the bird attacked him and he fell off the ladder, then took his ladder and sped off. I would think that the bird’s aggression suggest that it has nested in the eaves.

If she borrowed my pain-free rabbit trap and coaxed the bird inside with yummy suet, what could she do with the trapped bird? If she took it 20 miles away and released it, it’d probably be back in a day or two.

I’m an animal lover, but when a dog bites his third victim, he is put down. Maybe extermination should be the Flicker’s fate --???

Most suggestions from Google include putting items near its roost, but who would climb a ladder to get up there?


Al in Tacoma

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