[Tweeters] Magnuson Park, 6 April 2018

Scott Ramos lsr at ramoslink.info
Sun Apr 8 11:45:11 PDT 2018

Although the early morning started out with drizzle, mizzle and heavy overcast, the day improved with time. The continued wet of this Spring has left the meadows quite spongy and the wetlands ponds quite full with lots of activity. Even the dog owners were slightly more cooperative this day with maybe half on leash. More avian movements and arrivals were noted.

Scaup numbers are way down, a sure indication that water birds are heading north
Cooper’s Hawk - the female continues quite active on Promontory Point though there seems to be little nest building going on
Sora - first of the year, calling from an unusual location, in the wet meadows by Kite Hill
Wilson’s Snipe - still a few; a couple were seen flying around the margins of Entrance Pond
Anna’s Hummingbird - some of the nests have fledged, some have failed and some are starting anew; saw at least 6 nests in various stages with moms on 4 nests
Swallows - huge numbers of Violet Green, some inspecting the lighting poles near the work area where they nested last year
Bushtit - 5 separate pairs, but could not yet find any nests
Orange-crowned Warbler - first of year, in the wetlands
Yellow-rumped Warbler - dozens! and lots of singing
Fox Sparrow - several, some singing, with one intent on a serenade:
Lincoln’s Sparrow - first of year

For the day, 61 species; up to 81 for the year.
Scott Ramos

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