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Sat Apr 7 19:20:54 PDT 2018

Hello Tweeters,

I posted two files of birds from southern Africa earlier
this week. We spent the most time in Namibia, nearly three weeks. So we
have lots of pictures of the birds we saw. I often threw in more than one
picture of the same bird if we saw it several times and got more than one
good picture. In other cases, the one picture I have isn't so hot, but I
included it anyway as a record. The pictures range from fairly common birds
like Ostrich and Kori Bustard, to quite rare or hard to find ones like Dwarf
Bittern and Lesser Jacana. Of course, there are lots of little birds like
larks and other birds that are kind of hard to tell apart. I added a map at
the beginning, so you can see approximately where we went.


As a bonus, I am adding the album I put together of just the mammals and
reptiles we saw on the trip.


Thanks for all the accolades you have given Bill and me on
the previous two sets of pictures we have shared.

Happy birding, Charlotte

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