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Thanks for the update Caryn!
You have a busy yard.
I did finally get a Rufous Hummingbird last week - on Easter 🐣. She has been visiting every day now, and I’m refilling the feeder more frequently.
Also had a pair of Sapsuckers doing some home shopping.
Happy Birding

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A few hours ago, checking out the shrubs out front, I saw three ruby crowned kinglets together which was surprising, but then heard the bushtits twittering and discovered them building a new nest in a low dangling fir branch.

Watching them now collecting, bringing in fluff from from the fluff balls and shopping at our Home Depot Smoke tree. (they’d built a next there one year). It’s really something to see those tiny bills collecting a sprig of “smoke” and then shuttle it up to the nest site. It’s about 10-15’ up so it would be more difficult to get a suet cage around it if the crows start bugging them like last year! The nest looks just at the beginning stages. It’s incredible how quick the construction goes with the tiny tufts of material they carry.

No activity on the hummer nest right now. I’ve seen her take fluff there and it looks finished, so not sure if there’s another interim nest she’s tending.

Stay tuned…

Caryn / Wedgwood

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